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31 January 2009

Hi, 1953, I'm Brian.

Back in my freshman year as a Blue Hen, something about Newark, Del. struck me as being odd. No, it wasn't that you can't flip over unattended cars in parking lots. Campus police made that very clear. But it was the Ku Klux Klan parade on Main Street. Oh yeah, the sheet-sportin' dudes would come over from Elkton, Maryland, exercise their First Amendment rights and head home. (As an aside, I remember it being like some parade that I can't remember the name to in South Carolina where "White Christmas" was the theme song.)
Now, the Newark Klan march ended by the time I was a sophomore (I think), but it seems as if their spirit is alive and well in Philly. In 2009, the Year of the Multi-Racial President and (supposedly) the Easing of Racial Barriers.

Northeast Philly Pride Day

Your honors, I'd like to submit a snippet from the Saturday Inquirer into evidence. To wit:

Two black employees at the city's trash transfer center in Roxborough have sued the city for discrimination, claiming their supervisor assigned blacks a separate bathroom and reserved a water cooler for white workers only.

Um, wake up white people and smell what bigots are cooking with your tax dollars.


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