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08 November 2008

Um, Sarah Palin is right

And you can quote me on that. I said, "like a mule," and I meant it. (Photo from Anchorage Daily News.)

By "right," I don't mean in the political sense in the word (well, yeah I do, because she is, but we're already getting off point here). Rather, the synonym for correct. Check this comment from a story about how the Finest VP Candidate This Side of Adm. James Stockdale is pissed that the McCain camp is sliming her with anonymous quotes (one of my pet peeves as well). My money's on that dirtbag Steve Schmidt, for what it's worth:

"This is Barack Obama's time right now, and this is an historic moment in our nation and this can be a shining moment for America and our history, and look what we're talking about. Again, we're talking about my shoes and belts and skirts. It's ridiculous."

Keep on keepin' on, you crazy lil evolution hater; Brian's got your back.


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