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28 November 2008

This Sporting Life

Yes, Audubon product (and fellow Blue Hen) Joe Flacco may have whooped up on the Eagles last week. But that's a long time ago now. And, while the NFL may be considered, by some, to be the premier football league in the land, to say so, you'd have to overlook the mighty Colonial Conference. And mad props to the mighty Haddon Township Hawks for their 26-13 win over Audubon yesterday. Holla.

Not that I was there, of course. Because I had dinner and the Birds' game to fill my Turkey Day time. But for those of you who turned the game off after McNabb and B West rebounded like vintage Wilt, allow me to share a paraphrased quote from Deion Sanders from when McNabb joined the NFL Network crew for a post-game interview:

"Hey Philly fans, you're all front runners. I don't like you and I never have."

Seriously, he said something like that. I had to clean it up a little, though, because Deion, who defended Michael Vick and dogfighting, really has little command of the English language. Because he's a dirtbag who I don't like, and never have.

Looking forward to your next visit, Deion. Here's hoping it snows the night before.
Also, nice clip with the hair-replacement folks, Baldie McBald. It ain't coming back, just like your speed and career.

[Update: heard it too]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

get well soon brian, from your brothers back in the news room above The Scrounge

10:47 PM  

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