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11 November 2008

So you're the guy that's gonna succeed me? Hehehehe.

And you can quote me on that, Mr. President. I said, "like a mule" and I meant it.
(Hey, it's only fair.)

But what isn't only fair is how my former Catholic fold is already starting to agitate for a battle they've already lost. From the AP:

BALTIMORE - The head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, opening a national church meeting yesterday, said that continued support for abortion rights would undermine any advances in social justice that came from a new president and Congress. ...
[Chicago Cardinal Francis] George said the nation had not overcome objections to the candidacy of John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, and still held a low opinion of Catholic moral teaching.
"We are, perhaps, at a moment when, with the grace of God, all races are safely within the American consensus," he said. "We are not at the point, however, when Catholics, especially in public life, can be considered full partners in the American experience unless they are willing to put aside some fundamental Catholic teachings on a just moral and political order."
Today, the bishops are expected to once again take up the issue of Catholics in public life. George urged Catholic officials to consider church teaching when setting policy.
"We respect and love you, and we pray that the Catholic faith will shape your decisions so that our communion may be full," George said.
But he also warned that it would "betray the Lord Jesus Christ" if those in public life tried to "impose their own agenda on the church."


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