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18 November 2008 gets it right

From the credit where it's due files:
Looks to me as if the Inky has tapped into a very prudent idea here, with its (I think) new breaking-news blog, "From the Source."

Would you like to play a game of Theaterwide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare, Prof. Falken ... or see what's going to be in tomorrow's paper, today?

Telling readers what you're working on used to be taboo onaccounta the fact that the competition would get a hold of it and steal your scoop. But these be different days. And this seems like a damn-smart response to it.
(Full disclosure: I work a couple part-time days a week in the video-editing/producing realm there, but this ain't an ass-kissin' post. A good idea deserves an attaguy or attagal or attasite or attablog, no?)


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