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06 November 2008

UPDATED: Philadelphia, it's just like, it's just like, a mini mall

So much for SuperProgressiveTM Mayor Michael Nutter riding that happy wave from the Phils, through Obama and all the way into shore, huh? And not just because of the open-meeting issue that the dailies are fiddling on and on about while City Hall burns around them.
(Psst: You already lost this one; get on with the stories about how Philadelphia is basically being gutted and how I'm going to have to rake and bag my leaves from now on. It's a travesty, I tell you. A travesty. I hate raking my leaves, almost as much as manufactured controversy. People are suffering out there; they can wait an extra day to hear what's going to be cut from the budget. Or, how about asking why the Mayor was out on a parade float for a few hours hoisting a trophy when he could've held the meeting without anybody noticing. But, the armed guard? Nice, nice touch. Was this almost Nutter's Kent State? Gotta get down to it, rent-a-cops are cutting us down.)

Mayor Nutter will announce drastic new steps today to close a $1 billion gap in the city's five-year budget, including the closure of 11 of 54 branch libraries and dozens of city pools, a freeze on tax reductions, reduced hours or programs at more than a dozen recreation centers, and fewer engines at some firehouses, according to sources familiar with his plans. ...
To address the even bigger figure, scheduled city-funded cuts in the business and wage taxes will be frozen until fiscal 2015, although wage-tax relief from state casino revenue will be unaffected, said sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because Nutter "embargoed" the information until today. Layoffs are anticipated. ...
All city departments will be hit, and some, including the Free Library, the Department of Recreation, and the Fairmount Park Commission, are in line for 20 percent budget reductions, the sources said. Mechanical pickup of leaves will end, forcing homeowners to bag leaves, but that change is not expected immediately. Free bulk-trash pickup, including refrigerators and other appliances, will end.

And somewhere, because of this next line, John Street is absolutely laughing his ass off.

Many side streets will go unplowed unless at least 12 inches of snow is on the ground.

My humble suggestion? How 'bout a garage sale? Mike seems to like sidling up to the famous; perhaps he can get this dude to help:

UPDATE: Man oh man, is this a bad day for Philly. Check out Philly Clout's report on what exactly is being cut here. Times are so bad, they've cut the one program proven to cut down on youth crime. While they're cutting police OT. Oh man.


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