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05 November 2008

Happy Second Independence Day, America

Credit where it's due: Throughout the campaign, I looked forward to the arrival of each Rolling Stone because nobody out there covered the whole damn thing as well as Matt Taibbi. Granted, he had the raw materials to work with. But nobody else had the balls to call the process and the people out with such visceral honesty. And that's to be commended in a day-and-age of journalistic layoffs and receding quality (as a result of said layoffs). Hell, Rolling Stone just went to a smaller, conventional magazine layout (and size) with last week's cover interview of PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK H. OBAMA (sorry, couldn't help myself).
Truth be told, the new format was a bit distracting at first, and unsettling in that it marks the end of an era, and further evidence that the industry is shit out of luck going forward. Especially if Obama lives up to his promise of restoring faith in government by rallying Americans behind the common cause of digging out of the Mariana Trench that Bush dug. Take my word for it: Inspriational stories are not the mee-dyah's bread and butter. Not even the butter part of the bread and butter. We all got some adjusting to do, folks. We're evolving, as a nation and a people and a world. But the hard work will be worth it. We'll be a better world day after day after day.
(By the way: Loved the dancing kids outside the White House last night. We the People reclaimed that building and will hand it to Barack with lofty expectations attached.)
Just you wait and see, haters.

As a quick side note, back on Rolling Stone, I wonder if anybody else finds it (at a minimum) peculiar that a writer embedded with the Taliban. At first, I was all like, this is no better than John McCain saying he knew how he could catch bin Laden but didn't catch bin Laden. But as I read on, and it's a great piece, I grew more comfortable, considering the fact that it's the only way to truly understand one's enemy.

Also, how come I've never heard of Rachael Yamagata before? R.S. says she's Philly-based and a quick ITunes run says she's pretty damn good on the piano and vocal chords. Maybe I'm just the antithesis of hip. Or maybe the "breaking" tag on the page is actually truth in advertising.

In closing, Happy Second Independence Day America and thank you, John McCain for bowing out graciously. Despite all the nasty things that have flown from my fingertips on this here blog over the past few months, you're a true public servant and a credit to your people. There were just more of us this time around. (But Steve Schmidt is still a down-and-dirty scumbag. Nothing you could have told the crowd in Arizona last night can change that.)


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