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11 November 2008

4:20 still the most dangerous time of the day for your children

I wish NBC10's Timmy Furlong would do an update on the dangers of marijuana. The kids need to hear it.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about today. This is:
The first rule of Grow-House Club is never call the cops on yourself.
The second rule of Grow-House Club is to neither prance around the house in Nazi garb nor let the po-po's public-affairs office tell the world that you prance around the Grow House in Nazi garb.
Upper Darby's Edward Hatton and his lovely bride Debra apparently never heard the rules. From today's Daily News:

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood urges citizens to be proactive in fighting crime, but even he questioned the judgment of a burglary call to police on Friday by a resident whose basement was "landscaped with marijuana."

The resident, Edward Hatton, 43, of Maplewood Avenue near Magnolia Terrace, used a time-honored excuse.

"He said, 'I didn't call the police; my wife did,' " Chitwood said.

The $10,000 hydroponic growing operation, allegedly run by Hatton, a Havertown public-works truck driver, and his wife, Debra, 52, a professional horticulturist, wasn't even the most shocking thing police found.

There were the Nazi uniforms and medals, which Edward Hatton wore around the house from time to time; the wardrobe of authentic local and federal law-enforcement clothing and badges, for which police are trying to track the sources, and a cache of weapons including a loaded AK-47 that Hatton said he had bought "on the street," cops said.



OpenID vadim said...

When are you people going to realize your ignorance and leave marijuana alone. There an NO dangers of it, NONE. It doesn't cause belligerence, death, and if anything has only benefits. By this logic, alcohol,cigarettes, knives and airplanes are more legitimate to be illegalized

9:02 PM  

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