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22 October 2008

Yo Mayor Nutter, the people in your old district want some answers

So, back when city officials were talking about moving the Youth Study Center from its Parkway location to ("temporarily") the old EPPI building in the hospital complex off Ridge, they were all like: Yo, nothing to worry about. Security's good. You won't even notice that we have a children's prison a few blocks from your house. You needn't worry, folks.
Well, just like they always do, city officials lied. To wit:

According to police, the two boys broke out of the former Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute at 3200 Henry Ave. about 1 a.m. Saturday. They lowered themselves to the ground using bedsheets tied together, police said. They remained at large yesterday.
A third youth, also 17, was captured after he fell when the sheets tore. He landed on a lower roof, breaking his right leg, police said.
Police declined to give descriptions of the escaped teens.
Though police said they also could not disclose the offenses that landed the boys in the Youth Study Center, they said the escapees were not considered a danger to the public.
More than 100 juveniles from the former Youth Study Center on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway were moved to the temporary facility Oct. 4 to make room for construction of a museum to house the Barnes Foundation collection.

Let me see if I got this right: Two kids who were bad enough for juvie break out of said juvie; the cops refuse to say what they did to end up there and, better yet, what they look like!
Absurd and fantastic all at the same time.


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