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07 October 2008

What is "Five eight-balls and to the tonsils," Alex?*

I've grown used to criticism over the years. Comes part and parcel with the territory when 1) you wrote a column that didn't shy away from unpopular stands and 2) took a political job with a non-fan-favorite candidate for three months before (post election loss) realizing that you missed writing and found outlets that enable you to still do so.
Shameless plug: Check out tomorrow's Metro. I'm back in there, complete with the ruddy, gut-emphasizing photo that's made me realize it's time to start, you know, paying attention to matters of fitness.
But a comment on the Q&A I did with former Pagan John Hall in last week's Philadelphia Weekly may have topped all other comments I've ever received. You be the judge:

Commander Truth
How much blow, or how deep a blow job, did Hickey have to give up to produce this fill in the blank shit?

Now, I'm not really sure I follow the fine Commander's logic here (you have to provide drugs and/or gay-sex favors to interview someone who would happily give an interview to promote their new book?), but bravo for the intellectual nature of the criticism. There's a place for C. Truth in a McCain commercial about Barack Hussein Obama, the Muslim terrorist, this month.

*For the record, the answer is no blow and zero blow-job depth.

** The comment was taken down today. Sad.


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