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23 October 2008

A Simple Equation

... Equals ...

... Until ...

Impressive pitching performance, yes. But if the Phils don't find a way to stop stranding runners, this is going to be a troublesome series the rest of the way. But I'm thinking they'll do just that en route to the predicted five-game triumph. The whole looming rain thing has me a bit concerned though. By concerned, I mean will they outright skip Moyer in the rotation should Game Three be a washout? And if so, is that a karmic fubar?
Then again, these are minor predicaments compared to what the Rays now face, coming to Philly needing to take one on the road in front of what'll be the loudest crowd they've ever seen in their young careers, in the coldest weather they've likely felt all magic-year long. That's why winning last night was so big. And that's why I'm begging you, Mr. Ryan Howard, to shake it off and get that big-bat mojo rollin' again. I hope that tattoo I hear you got over on 2nd Street the other night hasn't gone all Ouroboros on you.

(This week's football picks are up here. Hamels photo from the Inquirer.)


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