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25 October 2008

Saturday Night, alright for Fightins?

A quick look out the second-floor window out here in East Falls says overcast and drizzly, but the blonde on the Weather Channel just said it should clear out in time for the first pitch. Granted, she wasn't Kristina Abernathy V.1998, but I like what she was sayin'.
But should I? I mean, Sports Illustrated has a story this week entitled, "Letter from Philadelphia: 'Historically, We Suck'" and that can't bode to good for Games 3-7, right? Wrong. (Also in the issue is a Philly-centric Sign of the Apocalypse thanks to the people who don't think children should be allowed to see animals in a zoo. Friggin' hippies.) But I digress.

Insert Lidge here (photo from Inky)

Yes, historically we do suck. Fine. Whatever. But the quotes are good.

"Cubs fans would say, 'It's O.K., we got there, what a great year, they're still the lovable Cubs,'" says John Kruk, the first baseman for the 1993 Phillies, who lost the World Series to the Toronto Blue Jays. "In Philadelphia they're not the lovable Phillies or the lovable Eagles or the lovable Sixers. Freakin' win. We'll love you then."

I'll let you know about that one once I accept the fact that the Cubs actually lost in the NLDS.

Croce would become president and part owner of the 76ers, and in 2001 he was so confident in his team that he started planning their championship parade in January. "It was going to come down through North Philly into Center City," Croce says. "I reserved 15 flatbed trucks. I had the airport flyover zones checked. The city thought I was nuts."

Yo Pat, love you, brother. And your bar in Key West, too. But you are a little nuts.
And, finally:

At some point in the past quarter century, all the heightened expectations gave way to crushing disappointment, and Philadelphia enhanced its reputation for one three-letter word. "When they boo you in Philadelphia, it penetrates you," said Dickie Noles, a relief pitcher for the Phillies when they won the World Series in 1980. "It's different than your normal boo. It comes at you quicker because of the knowledge of the Philly fan. And then it grows into something louder than you hear anyplace else. Philly fans are not just booing the play they just saw. They are booing a whole lifetime at you."

All of which explains why, Altman, I'm disappointed that you leaned on the old Santa cliche again. May your new hometown's team go down in flames, or at least with "P"s carved into their faces, backwards.
Oh yeah: F Boston, too.


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