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13 October 2008

Quick hits

You know, I've been thinking a little bit the past couple days about how the McCain/Palin/Satan triumverate has been pulling back on its rhetorical firestarting, and how I tipped thee old hat to McCain as a result. Well, I'm thinking I was wrong. Here's what they're doing: Trying to get "Good Cop" status back while turning the Obama supporters whose man has been, for all intents and purposes, threatened with bodily harm at GOP rallies into "Bad Cop." As in, Obama supporters have gotten angrier and louder as a result of the McCain scumpeople so they're firing back, but now the McCain scumpeople are putting their hands up like, "Yo, whoa, chill. We didn't do nothing wrong." Don't buy it. They're evil.
Like the people who, I'd guess, set Uzbek human-rights activist Solizhon Abdurakhmanov up for a big old fall. They took a page right out of the is-this-your-bag-o-herb? Patsy-creating handbook, meguesses.


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