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19 October 2008

It's the little things in life...

... that make me happiest.
Like, waking up this morning, just a couple days after a neighbor went door-to-door with a polite-as-can-be note asking that everybody minds how they park to ensure our neighbors also have a spot, and noticing that the crazy dame up the street decided to leave her car smack-dab in the middle of two spots.
Or hearing that Colin Powell did the right thing.
Or being able to give up my faux-retirement grudge against B Hop after he proves, shockingly, that he still gots what it takes (courtesy of what sounded like an utter domination of Kelly Pavlik. Call it a preview of what Obama's gonna do to Johnny Boy on the Fourth of November.)

Or, getting back from DD with a 10-cup Box O' Joe and catching TiVoe'd episodes of Rock of Love Charm School (I root for Megan; what's wrong with me?) and the new Sports Soup (that closed with a clip of a jibberjabberin' Burton Reynolds)...

And the simple pleasures found their way into the Sunday funnies as well. With stories about:
A new program called Mail Goggles designed to prevent drunk emailing. [NYT]
How Philadelphia chess teacher/master Dan Heisman is teaching Howard Stern to play chess better. [NYT]
Will Ferrell's plans to make his Broadway debut in January with "You're Welcome, America. A Final Night with George W. Bush." [Inky]
A stellar idea to rejuvenate libraries. [AP via Inky]
This exchange in the Times Magazine between Barack Obama and bluegrassman Ralph Stanley:
The program opened with the validators. This is a critical part of Obama’s small-town strategy — getting respected surrogates to stand up and say that Obama is a guy you can trust.
The first person on stage was Ralph Stanley, the 81-year-old legendary bluegrass musician, who was born in nearby Stratton and makes his home in Dickenson County. He unfolded a piece of paper and read, in a shaky voice: “I want to endorse Barack Obama as the next president of the United States. Thank you very much!” The gymnasium exploded.
(When the candidate met Stanley backstage, Obama told him that he had some of Stanley’s banjo music on his iPod. Stanley nodded appreciatively, but a few minutes later he turned to a friend and asked, “What’s an iPod?”)

Come to think of it, I have a little bit of Stanley on my iPod. Now if I could only figure out what my iPod is.

Or how the reason why the Feds can't really sink their investigative teeth into the people responsible for this financial mess, as they damn well should be doing by now, is because of Dubya's War on People Who Have Different Religious Beliefs, er, I mean Terror.
Finally, for some reason, the New Yorker with Palin seein' Rus-shah from her front pooorch was delayed in the mail and arrived the same day as this week's. Which, if you subscribe I'm sure you know it's a difficult feat to get through two NYers in a weekend. But I did. And I found a cool Timbaland piece, a thinkpiece on texting's place in linguistic history, and the correction of the week, which came from the Times...

A film review on Sept. 5 about "Save Me" confused some characters and actors. It is Mark, not Chad, who is sent to the Genesis House retreat for converting gay men to heterosexuality. (Mark is played by Chad Allen; there is no character named Chad.) The hunky fellow resident is Scott (played by Robert Gant), not Ted (Stephen Lang). And it is Mark and Scott -- not "Chad and Ted" -- who partake of cigarettes and "furtive man-on-man action."

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off for some furtive man-on-couch action where I'll ponder the utterly absurd quotes in today's "Growing Threat to U.S. Parks: Marijuana" story on p. A25 of the Inquirer, a newspaper which now runs ads that encourage readers to read its product with a teletype running in the background.
If I may, Mr. and Mrs. Inquirer: Why'd you stop by calling out news-radio for getting all its content from your pages? You do realize that the TV stations, weeklies and 99.9 percent of the city's blogs (yes, that's Blunt calling the kettle black, yo) and messageboards do the same, no?

Go Cubs (and Blue Hen Elena Delle Donne, a victory for Delaware but a condemnation of the pressure we put on our sporty kids).


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