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25 October 2008


When I posted yesterday about the crazy lady who carved a letter into her own face, blamed a black guy and tried to show America that anybody who'd support Obama is an evil, violence-prone nation-hating Socialist, I couldn't help but wonder about that tag posted prominently on the photo of crazy lady.
I looked it up today.
It seems the fine, fine piece-of-ass who took election matters into her own shaky hands isn't the craziest McCain supporter, after all.
Here are the titles of a couple posts on the site. (Oddly, the photo of crazy lady was gone already with zero comment. No shame. None at all. But at least the dirtbag behind the site was kind enough to offer an assassination prediction, right?)

Documents Show Obama Was Member of Quasi-Marxist Group As Illinois State Senator
Obama, Evil Personified
Obama Disses Ownership Society, Capitalism
Horrific Preview of Obama/ACORN Presidency
Louis Farrakhan Calls Obama, "The Messiah"

And my personal favorite:

Cokehead vs. Fighter Pilot

First things first: If by fighter pilot, you mean cocky, crash-prone punk who rode daddy and granddaddy's coattails to prominence and a prison camp where he was more than willing to offer military information to his captors, you have the second part right.
Second things second: We're going to need to repurpose the Japanese internment camps out West for people like this once the election's over.


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