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25 October 2008

End of the Innocence

John Elway was my childhood hero (fine, teenage hero) to the point that, when I worked at the A.C. Press and Elway was at a pro-am celebrity event offshore, I took the day off and wandered around the course hoping like a lil schoolgirl to meet him, and have him sign my Super Bowl program, Elway jersey, Broncos hat and commemorative Super Bowl victory Sports Illustrated issue.
Was, however, is now the key word. Because today I sit here lost and confused, having thrown away rooting-interest years of my life for the Mighty Orange Crush in the name of a man who I have lost respect for.

Home-office decoration that may have to come down now.

Now, I'm trying to separate the personal from the professional and will continue trying to do so. It just won't be easy. Because this election, as evidenced by the "J" that was carved into my face by a McCain supporter last night, has gotten personal.
I've been rambling. Sorry. You probably want to know why Ret. SBMVP-QB Elway is on the dead-to-me list. Well, here you go:

By Michael Abramowitz
DENVER -- It's no surprise that John McCain turned to former Denver Bronco great John Elway to help him kick off his campaign swing today though Colorado. "I know a thing or two about comebacks," said Elway, famous for his fourth-quarter heroics, in introducing McCain this morning to several thousand raucous partisans in a sports arena here.
McCain is looking for any edge he can get in his battle to hold onto this crucial swing state, where polls suggest he is trailing Barack Obama by five or six points. After the speech, Elway and his former teammate John Lynch, who also spoke on behalf of McCain, boarded McCain's Straight Talk Air plane to accompany the candidate to his next stop in Colorado Springs.
In a brief interview on the tarmac, Elway said he first met McCain four or five years ago and recently told him he would help McCain any way he could in Colorado. "I like what he's about," Elway said, describing McCain as "a guy who's had the experience. He's totally an American. I believe he's going to be the guy who will change us around and get us going in the right direction."

One too many concussions, Johnny Boy (or, as I shall now call him as my father has for decades, Mr. Ed)? For shame. For shame.


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