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11 October 2008

Brian's Saturday Wish

A bit late on this one, but it's the type of story that can't go unreferenced. So, here goes.
I don't have tickets to tonight's Flyers game. Wish I did, though. Because then I could do what I want the some-17K people in the building for the home opener against the Rangers to do:
Heckle that crazy Alaskan trollop mercilessly when she takes to the ice to drop the ceremonial first puck. Say things that would offend a dirty old man. It's all good.

This is our time to shine, to change the cliche book on Philly from booing Santa to booing a lil dame who may have a great ass in jeans (this was my primary assessement -- no pun intended -- of my three-second encounter with her at the Pub. Sexist? Perhaps. But facts is facts), but has no intelligence, it seems, in her genes.
We're good at it. Remember Irvin? Yeah, I do, because my boy Pearlman quoted me about it in his new book about the stinkin' Cowboys.

Even if most of you are from the "Great" Northeast or South Philly and would never let a friend vote for Barack Hussein Obama, it's your responsibility to humiliate her.
Let the world know that Philadelphia will not stand for this aggression.
The future of the free world actually does depend on it.


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