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28 October 2008

(Belated) Weekend Reading Roundup

The disgraceful football picks can be found here.


Man, I'm still bumming about the delayed (potential) gratification, so I'll be couch-bound momentarily. What that means for you, though, is a short, short post here today. (Mind's been on baseball anyway, as you'll see from my Metro column tomorrow. And I still say the Phils in 5. Make that "pray" the Phils in 5.). Enjoy.

Vote McCain. (This message was brought to you by al Qaeda.)

"I got an idea. Let's prove how open-minded we Democrats are by pumping money into the campaign coffers of candidates who want to take a woman's right to choose away." - One Democrat.
"Brilliant!" - Another Democrat.

Steve "Scumbag/Dirtbag/Shame of University of Delaware" Schmidt gets more ink in the Times' magazine; exposed as opportunist destined for more failure. How's that diploma, Steve-O?

Sweeney pretty much summarized Valania's "satire" piece in the Inky over the weekend. And Frank Rich pretty much made a legitimate argument in the Times the same day, without trying to be cute about it.

The Bull gets some Times ink, too.


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