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25 September 2008

You're welcome, Phils fans

"When tomorrow comes, hopefully the sun comes up. It might not."
-- Mets manager Jerry Manuel in the wake of the Cubs 9-6 come-from-behind, Phillies-lead-protecting victory.

Speaking of the greatest team in all of sports history, the Cubbies really shouldn't have won that game last night onaccounta the fact that they landed what I think is their third Sports Illustrated cover of the season.

This time, the most excellent Gary Smith returns to the bleachers during the Labor Day series with the Phightins.

"Nope, we're not going to have a '69 again," declared Chris, referring to that most notorious of Cubs collapses when a black cat scampered past Ron Santo in the on-deck circle at Shea Stadium as his team was busy trashing a nine-game mid-August lead. "This is the best Cub team since the '30s. We've got five pitchers who'll have double-figure wins. We win by five even when we don't play well. We've got depth and we've got versatility—guys that play everywhere and can hit almost anywhere in the order. We're always up 5--1 in the third or we're coming back to win in the eighth. I've been waiting for this team all my life."

Those who forget history, Chris. Those who forget history.

SI also updates Adam Taliaferro, the former Penn Stater who's back on his feet and more.


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