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08 September 2008

Weekend Roundup

If you're looking for the football results -- the pitiful ones -- go here.

Now, some rapid-fire reading from over the weekend:

I probably learned this lesson long before I ventured south to Newark, DE for my secondary education: Don't lie. And don't live a lie. But apparently you actually had to graduate before fully understanding it. Because in the Sunday Times, McCain advisor and Blue Hen Steve Schmidt's job is basically summarized as this: Don't worry about your morals. If it (allegedly) means lying, cheating and stealing to win an election, go right ahead. And be prepared to be lauded for it.

So, what you're saying here is that the guy who killed himself after the Feds publicly indicated they were going after him for the anthrax letters may not have done anything wrong? Not exactly, but shades of Vincent Foster seem to be bubbling up to Arlen Specter's surface:

“My conclusion at this point is that it’s very much an open matter,” Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the top Republican on the Senate committee, said of the strength of the case against Dr. Ivins, a microbiologist at the Army’s biodefense laboratory who worked on anthrax vaccines. “There are some very serious questions that have yet to be answered and need to be made public.”

More to come later today. Adieu.


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