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08 September 2008

Weekend Roundup Part II

Yeah, I know, this looks like it's Part I, but that's just the nature of You write a post, it goes up. You write another one, it goes up after the first one.
Deep. Insightful. You needn't tell me, y'all.
My point? Oh yeah, actually had one. I promised there'd be more stories from the weekend and more stories from the weekend there shall be.

Like the New Yorker's take on Obama's Mile High Speech, which didn't quite rival Elway's pure pimpedness in the arena, but he tried.
And their in-depth look at Gen. David Petraeus in 2008 Iraq. It comes complete with this interesting nugget:
In 1991, a soldier under his command accidentally fired a rifle; the bullet struck Petraeus in the chest and opened a bleeding wound. (The thoracic surgeon who saved him at a Tennessee hospital was Bill Frist, later the Senate Majority Leader.) Eight years ago, Petraeus’s parachute failed to open on a training jump; he plummeted sixty feet, smashing his pelvis.

But the highlight of the issue has to be the profile of Alec Baldwin who, contrary to what many might think, is not a very happy man. (Big-time kudos to whomever came up with the photo concept).

Over at the NYT Magazine, Harry Shearer, aka Mr. Burns, sits down for a Q&A which includes this info...
Clear Channel, which owns many conservative radio stations, apparently disagrees and has banned an ad for your CD. Why did you bother approaching them in the first place?
They own the digital billboards in Chicago, so you have to do business with them. They own more radio stations than God. They even own a progressive radio station in L.A.

And, as if I needed to be told this, Facebook really, really messes with your concept of self and world.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go check my Facebook page.


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