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23 September 2008

Sweet Lord Jesus

I've long maintained that if America were a woman, New Jersey would be her breastuses. This is because Jers is fine, with a capital F and no need to play around with PH's and whatnot. But today I read a story that reminded me of that time the neo-nazis, or whatever they're calling themselves these days, papered my block with their illogical hate speech. (As an aside, it got me to thinking about that Jersey Curb Sandwich that Norton gave some dude in American History X, if only because that name along proves my breastuses argument). Buckle up for the AP report (and longer Star-Ledger account):

Residents in one New Jersey town are disturbed after receiving fliers over the weekend that question Barack Obama's candidacy on racial grounds.
Roxbury resident Elizabeth Corsetto says a flier was left in her driveway asking, "Do You Want A Black President?" and showing a doctored photo of Obama with a long beard and turban.

The answer? Color ain't no thang: I just want the type of president who will banish people like this to an uninhabited island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, if such a place exists.
Since this is a blog, though, and there's absolutely zero accountability that comes along with blogging, I'd like to share an unsubstantiated report I just, um, heard from one of the voices in my head:
Sarah Palin personally designed and distributed the flyer.


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