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10 September 2008

Standing up for a pal

So, my college buddy Jeff Pearlman made an appearance on ESPN's Outside the Lines the other morning (Plug alert: His new book Boys Will Be Boys should be out on the shelves any minute if they're not already).
I missed it, but checked it out after I got a text from my dad telling me that Emmitt, and these are his words, "did more than bitchslap him." Of course, that piqued my interest, so I checked out said video here ...

Granted, I take another stance: Emmitt showed his true Cowardly Cowboys colors by being such a bitch that he waited until they were fading him off the screen to take a cheap shot about Jeff going and selling books.
I could go on.
All of which leads me to my point: Yo Emmitt, how about you try focusing on emitting a single sentence in proper English before you criticize someone for pointing out that you played on a roster filled to the hilt with coke fiends and whoremongers? Don't take my word for it, Emmitt (and I'm figuring you can read better than you can speak here). Take Nate Newton's and the Hon. Michael Irvin's, about whose career-ending injury I believe I'm quoted in said book...

Irvin celebrated his 30th birthday with former Cowboy Alfredo Roberts. According to Texas Monthly, "Party favors included 10.3 grams of cocaine and more than an ounce of marijuana, assorted drug paraphernalia and sex toys." He was also a regular at the "White House," a private pleasure palace near the team's training facility, where he and many teammates enjoyed their R&R, which apparently included just about any wanton activity you could imagine.
The Boys got plenty of heat for their bacchanalian ways. William Bennett, author of "The Book of Virtues," condemned Irvine and Co. for "hurting this country's morale." Lineman Nate Newton demurred. "We've got a little place over here where we're running some whores in and out, trying to be responsible, and we're criticized for that, too."


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