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05 September 2008

Onward Migration

So as not to clutter up this here blog for the next six months with nothing but football picks, I've decided to expand the Hickey Media Empire to a new blog. is the place to go each week for my NFL picks and, starting soon, my fantasy-football thoughts.
Change isn't easy. I know this. So, I'll always post on Blunt when the picks go up. Enjoy!

Now, as the Cubs begin their eventual slide to choker-dom -- much of it being my fault for running my stupid, stupid mouth. Again. And again -- a story in this week's Sports Illustrated caught my eye. And not just because there's a dude named Hickey in the lead vignette, either. But, that didn't hurt. I mean, if we Hickeys don't stick together, who will?

IN AUGUST of 1969 the Chicago Cubs were nine games up in the National League East and seven-year-old Jim Hickey was convinced that he wanted to spend the rest of his life in baseball. By October the Cubs trailed the New York Mets by nine games, and Hickey was reconsidering. His father had to sit him down in their home on the South Side of Chicago and explain that, every so often in baseball, a powerhouse like the Cubs will crumble and an upstart like the Mets will emerge and nobody will understand why.

Oh really? I never noticed that!


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