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12 September 2008

Oh, you're such a bad little vice presidential candidate, aren't you? That's right. Yes you are. You're a dirty little pig.

So, I guess we've reached the phase in the campaign where every day will bring a new cry of sexism. I guess that's what happens when a minxy-looking dame with a fast-assed daughter runs for VP, huh? Yep, that's exactly what happens. Friggin' chicks.
But who am I kidding here? I'm not interested in political discourse this morning. I just want to run this picture:

Kathleen Angco-Vieweg, an assistant professor of sociology at American International College in Springfield, Mass., denounced the dolls as sexist.
“If [a woman is] pretty, the only power they have is to turn on a man instead of using their brains and intellect,” Angco-Vieweg said. “She is the governor of Alaska, so she obviously has the brains to run those laws and governance.”

Twenty bucks says Angco-Vieweg looks like a bowl of spit-up Gerber's. And another 20 says Palin will always be a dirty lil pig. Oh yes she will.


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