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11 September 2008

The No-Spin Cubs Zone

The damn DVR screwed me again. I mean, it was a little before 11 p.m. and I was watching the Tampa Bay/Bosox game. 1-1 in extra innings. Pretty entertaining. So why do I have zero clue how the Rays ended up winning 4-2? Because I had both the Daily Show/Colbert hour set to tape in addition to the conclusion of Bill O'Reilly's four-part interview with Barack Obama. I'll say this: While O'Reilly got rather douchey in how he was yelling while Obama tried to talk, he seemed to give him a fair shake, and even seems to have been won over to a certain point. If you didn't catch it, check youtube for the clips. It was rather entertaining.
But that's not my point today. No. Not at all. For while I was watching the baseball game, I caught a glimpse of a wonderful sign in the Fenway stands. Even though I'm paranoid that the collapse has already begun (thank you Brewers, for continuing to lose at a fortuitous time), Cubs Nation is clearly strong. To wit:

Me? I'd much prefer Boston. Because their fans are a bunch of assholes.


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