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23 September 2008

The Little Piggy Went to Wasilla

I'm sorry, but the more I read about Miss Congeniality, I mean, Sarah Palin, psychopath extreme, the more I think that John McCain's veep choice is an extreme psychopath. Here are some excerpts from last week's New Yorker piece on her. (Also check the Spike Lee profile; good read). Anybody that votes for this dame, consider yourself an enemy of the state. Seriously.

I mean, unless you're into prohibitionists...
She said that one of her goals had been to combat alcohol abuse in rural Alaska, and she blamed Commissioner Monegan for failing to address the problem. That, she said, was a big reason that she’d let him go—only, by her account, she didn’t fire him, exactly. Rather, she asked him to drop everything else and single-mindedly take on the state’s drinking problem, as the director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. “It was a job that was open, commensurate in salary pretty much—ten thousand dollars less”—but, she added, Monegan hadn’t wanted the job, so he left state service; he quit.

Or freespenders with little care about deficits...
Palin’s style of governing was unorthodox and at times impulsive. Although she boasts of a record as a fiscal conservative, she raised the sales tax while she was in office. She left the town saddled with millions of dollars in debt from the building of a new sports complex, and with legal fees, because she had failed to secure title to the land on which the complex was built. Casting herself in the Ted Stevens mold, however, she had proved herself skilled at collecting federal earmarks for Wasilla, bringing in twenty-seven million dollars for her small town in three years.

Or extremists...
While Republicans hold most of the state’s top political posts, only twenty-five per cent of Alaskan voters are registered Republicans. Fifteen per cent are Democrats, and three per cent belong to the Alaska Independence Party—the extremist states’ rights, quasi-secessionist faction to which Todd Palin once pledged his allegiance.

Or those who hate the press and the people...
She said that she had put her predecessor’s jet for sale on eBay, which was true, except that this is how government property was often disposed of in Alaska, and the plane didn’t sell online; it had to be unloaded through a private deal, at a loss of half a million dollars. ...
That same week, Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, announced, “This election is not about issues.” What mattered, he said, was the “composite view” that voters would form of the candidates. On a talk show, the Washington bureau chief of Time told Nicole Wallace, a McCain spokesperson, that it was still unclear whether Palin was ready “to answer tough questions about domestic policy, foreign policy.” Wallace laughed. “Like from who? From you?” And she asked, “Who cares if she can talk to Time magazine?”

Or vacuous gasbags who've gotten by their whole life on looks alone:
As a public speaker, Palin was known for expressing goals and voicing good intentions with gusto, if with few specifics. As she talked about her hopes for Alaska, she often seemed to skip from slogan to slogan without ever touching solid ground.

Or mothers who risk their unborn children's lives then rail against a rape victim's right to have an abortion:
Sarah Palin had not announced her pregnancy until she was seven months along. A month later, she was in Texas to address a conference when her water broke. She decided to give the speech and then return to Wasilla to deliver the child. By way of explaining this all-day odyssey (most obstetricians advise against air travel in the eighth month, never mind during labor, and most airlines forbid it), Todd Palin later remarked, “You can’t have a fish picker”—a commercial fisherman—“from Texas.”

Or people who employ Klan-life rallying points (Wake up, white pay-pole!):
Presidential candidates have promised earmark reform, so we gotta deal with it, we gotta live with it, understanding that our senior senator, especially—he’s eighty-four years old, he is not gonna be able to serve in the Senate forever. We will not have that seniority back there anymore.” Suddenly she called out, “Alaskans, wake up!”


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