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14 September 2008

The Imbecile Brigade out in full force

So, an anonymous message-board poster named "SteakWitImpaler" - I'm sure somebody out there can find the humor in the moniker - decided to take some cheap shots on me over at phillyblog in a thread about the piece I had in the Weekly. (Long and short: Interracial couple claims they were assaulted by a racist South Philly bar owner. Bar owner tells me, in the article, that it was bullshit. Couple tells me that, post-article, the police called to say their investigation has been reopened).
Now, I'm devastated, just unable to live with myself, as I'm left to wonder whether the 13 cries-of-bias-less years I spent in the journalism game were all for naught. I mean, this guy really has some mental acumen, a sharp, sharp mind. And all I've ever wanted to do was win the approval of an anonymous blogger who rides the reading-comprehension short bus.

Honestly, I thought the place was a gay bar until this article came out, also seemed to have a pretty diverse clientel. Doesn't mean the allegations aren't true, and I imagine that sort of ugliness could happen at neighborhood corner joints. On the other hand, Hickey's article is basically just taking the complainants' report as gospel. You'd figure a former wannabe political operator for the Johnny Doc campaign would have the stones to actually set foot in the Triangle and try to get a sense of the place himself.
Part of me wonders if he's playing stereotypical "new progressive inter-racially dating philly" against "old bigot philly" as some way to secure a place among the "new philly" power elite he sees coming after Farnese's campaign handed him his behind. Guy's not a journalist, he's a hanger on desperate to ride whatever way the wind's blowing. The allegations in the article are ugly, but the way Hickey plays "hard hitting journalism" is kinda pathetic and weak. There's not teeth here, just insinuation based on tiresome stereotype.

Now, I would go through this line by line and rebut every last shot fired across my bow. But what's the point? Dude can't read with any efficiency to begin with.

P.S. You missed an "e" in "clientele". Just thought you'd like to know.


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