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01 September 2008

Hickey Abides

So anyway, this week's Rolling Stone commemorates the 10-year anniversary of The Big Lebowski's release. One section in particular made me feel particularly (more) douchey (than normal). Mary Patel, who writes the Political Notebook column at the paper I used to work, was hosting a party for a local film festival. Steve Buscemi was there. I couldn't resist discussing with him -- rather briefly -- whether he, Donnie, was in fact out of his element. It seems I'm not alone.

Adds Buscemi, who has appeared in nearly 100 films, including a few Oscar winners, "I'll pass three guys on the street, and they may just give me a nod. They don't even have to say a line from the movie. I know what movie they're thinking about."

Gotta love the fact that the homework-in-the-stolen-car bit is based on a real story. Priceless nugget:

... Cable stations began showing the movie regularly (Goodman's line "This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass was changed -- rumor has it by the Coens -- to the friendlier "This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps).

Also in that issue is the best example of putting George W. Bush's regime into the proper historical context before he's relegated to history. As in, it's difficult to have the long view until later, but in, "How Bush Destroyed the Republican Party," Sean Wilentz, the current Sidney and Ruth Lapidus Professor in the American Revolutionary War Era at Princeton University (good luck fitting that on your bid'ness card), nails it. (You need to pick up the issue itself to get the full article, but here's the abbreviated online version. What I found particularly rad was the illustrated timeline which pretty much confirms that in the immediate aftermath of an embarrassment for the administration, the terror level was raised -- without fail.)

Although born in Connecticut and schooled at Yale and Harvard Business, the younger Bush had successfully assimilated himself to Texas business and political culture as his father had never managed. The black sheep of the family, Bush also, at the age of 40, took Jesus Christ as his personal savior. That conversion, he said, freed him from a well-documented addiction to drink. It also brought him into much closer connection with the right-wing evangelical base that Reagan had brought into the Republican Party and with which Bush senior never forged a convincing bond.

Meanwhile, this month's GQ (with Seth Rogen on the cover and a brilliant South Park memo inside its Comedy package) has Philly Mag alum Lisa DePaulo sitting down with Mark Penn, he of advising loser Hillary fame...

So they just pissed away way too much money on Iowa?
Well, I still don’t know what happened—whether it was Iowa. Because even Iowa was not that large a percentage of a hundred million.

Where did it go?
I think people are gonna spend some time looking at where the money went. Because it should have—you know, a substantial portion obviously should have gone to Iowa, and did. But the 25 million that was needed after Iowa didn’t go right. And so again, as you look at this thing, she wins nearly 18 million people. She wins fifty delegates ahead in the primary contests. Her losses are entirely in the caucus states— ...

That’s a huge amount, 25 million. Do you think there’ll be some awful scandal about where it all went?

Was it just ineptitude?
I just think it will be very high. [He means the amount of money that was pissed away.]

Finally, Inquirer/Daily News owner Robert Toll does the CEO interview in September's Smart Money magazine. I know, I know, ironically titled, but he's talking about his home-building bid'ness, not the papers, the papers.


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