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02 September 2008

Football: Reality and Fantasy

I think, as a culture, we've all come to grips with the fact that NFL football reigns supreme because it's the Best Damn Gamblin' Sport this side of cockfighting. So since the hippies took those joys away from us, the grid iron it is.
While I may not be a degenerate by any stretch of the imagination -- fine, by some stretches maybe -- nary does a week go by that I don't pay heed to the lines, for amusement purposes only, of course.
I guess what I'm say is this (and that):

This: Every Thursday, I'll post my NFL picks for the week on this here blog. (For what it's worth, my overall record in 06-07 between the line and the over/unders was 268-243-10. In 07-08, things got a little worse with an overall regular-season tally of 232-249. Not too good, but it'll improve).

That: I'll also offer some fantasy football thoughts. Are they valuable? Hell if I know. I mean, I played for the first time last year and came in third (broke even), so take them for what they're worth. I had my draft last night actually and here's how it shook out:

QB (1): Donovan McNabb
RB (2): Frank Gore, Lawrence Maroney, Selvin Young, DeAngelo Williams
WR (5): Randy Moss, Brandon Marshall, Jericho Cotchery, Donald Driver, Anthony Gonzalez
TE (1): Kellen Winslow
K (1): Vinatieri
D (1): Indianapolis
(number of starters per week)

Comments and suggestions welcomed. Go Birds. Go Broncos.
See you in two days wit da picks.


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