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29 September 2008

Big Belly in the Belly of the Beast

Listen, I know the ladyfolk should be able to work as many hours, and earn as much money, as their manpieces. But still, as I was checking out a very cool New York Times photo-essay (note to newspaperpeople: You should be doing a lot of these) about the NY Mercantile Exchanges' Oil-Trading Pit, something struck me about this photo...

Amy Lubeck, who is expecting her first child in the next month, stands behind a small barricade as she works as a trader in the energy options pit. In an effort to keep her from being knocked down -- as routinely happens to traders on hectic days -- the other traders erected a protective barricade for her at the edge of the pit. "She brings a lot of good business to the floor so we want to keep her safe," said one of her male colleagues, who didn't want to be named.

Is it chauvinist to wonder, on, say, your blog called Philly Blunt, whether Amy might wanna not be down in the pit? Or is a good move to get those capitalist vibrations rolling through her belly?


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