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03 September 2008

And just the other day, I was wondering whether POB was out of rehab yet. But that's neither here nor there, 'cause POB ain't no Republican.


Yet, last night lobbyists for the National Rifle Association, Lockheed Martin and the American Trucking Association put on a raucus six-hour party at a downtown bar featuring music by the band "Hookers and Blow."

Is this for real?

There was no evidence of any actual prostitutes or cocaine.

Would you say the party sucked? Of course you would, Betsy?

Congressman Bill Shuster (R-PA), a GOP House deputy whip, was seen meeting with a group of lobbyists who bemoaned McCain's call to tone down the parties which had already been paid for.

Stupid old man.

Shuster said he was praying for the people of the Gulf coast and said, despite Sen. McCain's call to "tone things down," there was no need to curtail corporate parties until after the Hurricane hit land.

Actual caption from the Hon. Rep. Shuster's site:
Congressman Shuster announces his plan to delcare American energy independence in Chambersburg.

No, no, nonono. I never said declare independence, chaps. Now do go ahead and pass me another mint julep, and that tasty smelling mirror.


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