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05 August 2008

Reading Roundup - Funky Bus Fare edition

Any time I have the opportunity to namecheck Frankie Smith of "Double Dutch Bus" fame, I take it. Because, quite frankly, it's the funkiest song of all time. And Frankie, who told me a couple years back that he was planning a comeback, is from West Philly.
Today is one of those times, on account of Sunday's AP piece in the Inquirer about New York City schools encorporating the izay-izay-iz-a-zumble-zaaaaa into its phys-ed program.

Ssssssh. Sugah.

In other great news, it seems as if:

One of our subs leaked radiation near Japan. (Rad!)

Scientists may have found a pill that replaces exercise. (Radder!)

Mark Cuban's bid to purchase the soon-to-be World Series Champion (insert jinx repellant here) Chicago Cubs has some owners on edge. (My vote's for him. Their votes won't be, on account of the insular nature of their little Old Boys network.)

From the Worthwhile Blogs file -- and it's not a very thick one -- comes the story of NY freelance photographer Steven Hirsch's rather intriguing Courthouse Confessions project in which the snapper photographs and interviews defendants who generally go unnoticed by society at large.

What I like most about this is that Hirsch removes himself from the product, letting the subject's words flow freely. (Fine, fine journalism.) Por ejemplo:

My name is Craig Lewis (pictured above, from Hirsch's site). Somebody had gave me a dollar that they owed me for two weeks on 125th. Street and Lexington Avenue and the police they seen it and talk about observed me doing sale. I never sold the dude a bag. The dude told them I never sold a bag of weed. They let him go and kept me. They give me time served for no apparent reason. For a dollar, for a dollar bill.


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