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11 August 2008

I Got Gun Fever!!!

So, I was up in the mountains for my buddy J.J.'s bachelor party this weekend (don't ask). And on the way up, I made a little pitstop at the Sunset Hill Shooting Range in Tannersville or something like that.
This is odd because:
1) I've never held a gun before,
2) Let alone fired one.
Well those days are long gone, suckas. Because I fired just about every last damn piece they had.

This is my AK-47. There are many AK-47s like it ...

I shot regular rifles. I shot sniper rifles. I shot nines. I shot a 45. Sheeeeeet, I even fired a grenade launcher, yo. But nothing, and I mean NOTH ING, compares to (something I think was called) the Remington 780 Magnum which, best I could tell, could take a friggin' tank to pieces. (With a blowback that may leave you with a brace around your back, like the one around mine right now.)

This is my Remington 780. There are NO other weapons like it...

My point here? Let's just say that It's Always Sunny episode where the fellas got gun crazy could happen to you. And when it does, you'll love it. Just like I do. Granted, weapons aren't toys, and gun violence is a total plague, but I think I may be looking at the issue a wee bit differently today. Gonna give it a few days before rendering judgement so as to let the adrenalyne dissipate.
Sorry I can't stay much longer, but I have a Remington dealer to find.


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