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24 August 2008

Cubs Baseball

(Photo from Chicago Tribune)
As I type, the Cubbies just took a 6-1 lead in the seventh over the miserable Washington Nationals. Not that big of an accomplishment, I know. But Lloyd from Say Anything is in the booth, and if I remember correctly, Lloyd ended up winning Ione Skye at the end of that fine film (even if he's Lloyd Lloyd all null and void to the boys hanging outside the Gas 'N Sip).

Does that mean the Cubbies who, if they hold on to this lead, will be the first team to 80 wins in the MLB will break a 99-year championshipless curse this year? Hell if I know.
I mean, truth be told, the more they win, the harder the inevitable fall will be. But they do have the Phillies coming in for a four-game weekend set this week, and that'll be a nice little boost to the win column, right? We shall see.
Have to close, though, with a great quote in today's Inky sports piece that sums it up perfectly.

Still, Cubs fans are fighting their better pessimistic judgment and refusing to ponder what it would be like to finally be champions after so many years of losing.
"That's like talking to somebody about sex who's never had sex," said Matthew Furlin, a Cubs fan for 29 years. "We've never had sex. What would we know it's about?"


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