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26 August 2008

Blue Hen Power

Seems that the University of Delaware as Best Academic Institution on Earth story has finally hit the masses on account of the Presidential election. A Bloomberg piece today makes the point that not only is the next VP a Blue Hen, but so will be the winning and losing campaign honchos.

Harvard? Yale? No, Delaware School Is New Epicenter of Politics

By Nicholas Johnston
Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- The academic epicenter of this year's presidential election isn't, as in some years past, Harvard or Yale. It's located between Baltimore and
Philadelphia at the University of Delaware.
The 265-year-old state institution in Newark, Delaware, boasts having produced Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden as well as the campaign managers for both Barack Obama and John McCain.
"We're just a political factory here," Joseph Pika, a professor of political science at the university, said with a laugh. "There's more going on in Delaware than people think."
The Democratic campaign of Obama and Biden is being run by David Plouffe, who answered the siren call of politics before graduating. The day-to-day management of the Republican presidential campaign is being directed by Steve Schmidt, who also left without a degree.

Now, I didn't know Biden (a little before my time) or Plouffe, but a little birdie who sat on my cyber shoulder the other day told me she was shocked that Schmidt has reached such a pinnacle, on account of his frat-boy partying prowess.
This unsubstantiated allegation is brought to you by a Hen who actually graduated and wants to see McCain lose worse than Mondale did.


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