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26 August 2008

Being a Cubs Fan = True Patriotism

Granted, I may be a bit biased, so I'll allow a newspaper in the city that's home to a baseball team that will travel to Wrigley this weekend to hand the hometown nine an easy four wins to take it from here. (That would be the Inquirer, located in Philadelphia, home to the Phillies, who are nowhere near as potent as the Cubs.)

The Vietnam War had ended a year before when two protesters dashed onto the field at Dodger Stadium, carrying something under their arm. It was an American flag, and as they tried to light it, Monday, then a Chicago Cubs outfielder, ran from center field to left and snatched it out of their hands.
On that day, April 25, 1976, he became an American hero.
Yesterday, Monday, now an announcer with the Los Angeles Dodgers, got another flag to add to his collection, one flown over Valley Forge National Historical Park. It was presented by Montgomery County Sheriff John P. Durante, a friend of the former major- leaguer, at a luncheon for about 20 in Norristown.
"I remember seeing it that day on TV," Durante said. "I thought then and I still do, what a heroic act."
The reason he did what he did, Monday said, was simple: It was the right thing.


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