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24 July 2008

Vince cries a river about reaping that which hath been sown, hope jury pool notices

Today's Daily News has a piece about a "wide-ranging interview" with outgoing scumbag, er, state senator Vince Fumo. By outgoing, I mean "going to prison" because of a ([an] alleged) level of hubris not seen since the days of the Greek guy who decided a word needed to be coined to describe the type of millionaire who will turn public office into a personal ATM machine.
My personal favorite part:

* Fumo said that he'd loved his 30 years in the Senate but that it had imposed a personal cost. "I've been through two divorces," he said. "I wasn't there for little league and that kind of stuff."

My personal second-favorite part:

* Of his September trial on corruption charges, Fumo said, "I'd be stupid if I wasn't scared. We're ready, and we're optimistic . . . I have no plans past September. I will be totally out of cash. I've sold all my investment real estate. I have one property left I'm trying to sell."

Aw. Wook at wittle Vinnie, all worried about money, forgetting that everybody who he's helped over the years can contribute to his prison-commisary account. Oh snap. Yeah, might want to tuck a few bucks away, bropiece. There ain't no heated sidewalks where you're heading.


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