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11 July 2008

The State of the Union, Political edition

From this month's Vanity Fair (also referenced in the next post about talking rabbits) is a fine summary of the philosophical ignorance that landed the Clinton Clan on the sidelines where it belongs...

Hillary’s campaign had failed to understand that America was in the midst of a national passage from the old-style confrontational politics of the boomer generation—a divisiveness perfected by both the Clinton and Bush administrations—into a new style of Netroots politics, open-sourced and inclusive, multi-racial and multicultural.
“By presenting her as the virtual incumbent, the insider who knew how to make the wheels of government work from day one, she was being inferentially positioned as running for the third term of Bill Clinton,” says a senior adviser. “We unwittingly set it up for Obama to play not only the anti-Clinton but the outsider, who was going to come in and clean out the gray-haired, patronage-laden gumshoes of Washington’s shadow government.”
Clinton’s people had no idea how excited a whole new cohort of voters would become by a youthful figure who tapped into their vital hunger for change from the ground up. Obama started cultivating these new voters at low-cost events. The turnout amazed even his own team. What began as I.M.’s and campus meet-ups developed into a genuine social movement.

All pols and their handlers would be wise to take these lessons to heart, if they have one, that is. Eddie Rendell, who is among those with a heart, though if he keeps stopping down the hill at Johnny Manana's for takeout when he's home in our East Falls 'hood, it could conceivably attack, is quoted in the piece. Dude's a sage.

... Hillary let it be known she was open to being promoted for running mate.
BET’s Bob Johnson delivered a letter to [U.S. Rep. Jim] Clyburn asking him to rally the Congressional Black Caucus to press Obama to take Clinton. But Clyburn and Rangel knew better.
Governor Rendell had to send a public wrist slap to Hillary: “You don’t bargain with the presidential nominee. Even if you’re Hillary Clinton and you have 18 million votes, you don’t bargain.”

Learn it. Know it. Live it.


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