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27 July 2008

Reading Roundup

The Sunday funnies were rather light this week.
From the Inquirer, an AP report that I can't believe I agree with. Specifically, now that New York has made assaulting a meter maid a felony, seems to me that they ought to do the same here in the 215. Yes, the Parking Authority is pure evil. I know this. But the men and women working the streets aren't. At least not all the time. So, in my humble estimation, slapping one of them around since they gave you a ticket -- I'm looking at you, Susanna Foo -- needs to be met with some charges with teeth. Verbal degradation? All day, all night, y'all. And the more inventively offensive, the better.

Interesting side note: When that Parking Wars show was on A&E, I was talking to one of the meter regulators out in Old City. She told me that, thanks to the portrayal of one of her peers hiding in a bush waiting to ambush not only landed some of the folks on the show in big trouble (and rightfully so), but everybody who writes tickets had to go through a bit of sensitivity training.

And from the Times, the start of an interesting series looking at whether this here Internet has dumbed down the world's reading ability. And, as a result, created a species of halfwits who think blogs could somehow replace the working print media as a source of information. I think this quote from young Nadia Konyk sufficiently answers the question, no?

Nadia said she wanted to major in English at college and someday hopes to be published. She does not see a problem with reading few books. “No one’s ever said you should read more books to get into college,” she said.

You know what else nobody ever said, kiddo? That you need to be able to read a book to write one. Guess they thought it went without saying. :)*

*emoticon used solely as comment on dumbed-down discourse


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