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20 July 2008

Reading Roundup

Wouldn't you know the week I mistakenly (read: ignored five letters advising me it was going to happen) let my New Yorker subscription lapse, they have their biggest cover controversy in eons. So goes life. But at least the Inquirer's Editorial Board had a good presidential piece to offer, comparing/contrasting Obama and Doddering Ole Man's stances on the environment. But why, oh why, oh why, was this lil nugget a parenthetical?

(Note: Recent McCain TV ads saying "Obama says 'No' to nuclear" are wrong. The senator from Illinois, the state with the greatest per-capita nuclear capacity as of 2005, has repeatedly said nuclear should be in the energy mix.)

That's a story unto itself (f'real, f'real, even though they likely just didn't want to turn the whole piece political).

Onto the New York Times Magazine which, this week features an interesting letter from Media Matters for America in response to the mag's compelling profile of Rush Limbaugh (who, I admit, I listened to while toiling in Florence, SC to, y'know, fit in a wee bit better).
Also, check the piece about how the Supreme Court's recent decision striking down race-based school deseg has opened the door to class-based deseg. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: This nation's biggest problems don't hinge on the color of our skin, but the depth of our bank accounts.

Around the country, school-district lawyers studied [Justice Anthony] Kennedy’s opinion and came to a rough consensus. In its amicus brief before the court, the Bush administration cited socioeconomic integration as a “race neutral” alternative to race-based assignment plans. Kennedy picked up on this, and no other justice wrote to contradict him. As a result, the school-district lawyers concluded that districts could assign an individual child to a school based on any kind of socioeconomic measure they chose — income, assets, parental education attainment. Districts could also be “race conscious,” according to Kennedy, when they drew school boundaries, chose sites for new schools and directed money to particular programs. But in these situations, they would usually be limited to taking into account the racial composition of a neighborhood rather than the race of an individual student.

Also, Grandmaster Flash takes to NYC, seems as if it's a busy time for the Blueberry Prince of New Jersey (as the fields of Hammonton are turning violet, Violet), and, in one of the more depressing pieces of the year, James Brown's belongings are auctioned off -- and I didn't get a cape or jumpsuit. Specifically a be-dazzled green one advertising, "SEX."

(2:37 - 3:03 is prime time)

Finally, on the local front, it seems that some place I used to work at has decided to pick an Internet fight with some guy I used to Internet spar with. I mention this because, God, I really don't know why. Um, because it's interesting? Nah, that ain't it.


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