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28 July 2008

Public Service Announcement

It seems that The Doddering Old Coot Who Can't Walk Down a Supermarket Aisle Without Knocking All th Applesauce Over has decided to run some cheap-shot campaign ads against Obama. I know this because I got an email today from, in their effort to raise money to air one of their own ...

MTV just started accepting political ads. And the first political ad that millions of young people will see is a negative attack on Barack Obama—saying he's "worse than a flip-flopper" and accusing him of no longer being against the war.1 It's outrageous.
The Republicans' strategy is clear: kill the hope that's brought millions of new young voters out of the woodwork.

Here's a link to the commerical, complete with a way to donate some hard-earned coin to help get it on the air.
At the very least, check out the commerical. It's the right thing to do. Because, let's be honest:

1) Obama isn't a flip-flopper and
2) This country, and this world, can't afford another eight years of a Bush-smelling regime. Don't let them steal it again.

(Obama's biggest fan has a cold one at Krupa's, the best bar in the United States of America)


Anonymous Jenna Thomas said...

McCain won't even allow children to be adopted by parents who happen to be gay because it is more important to him that they remain institutionalized than to ever give them chance for a home and life -- or give any credit that a gay person might be able to raise a child. I guess Ellen would be inept? All her resources and better that those children should remain alone and locked away in an institution.

This idiot McCain should be instituionalized. Well, in a way, I think he eventually will be after seeing him wander aimlessly down the grocery store aisle.

Time for a cookie snack and his blankie.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Thanks for commenting, Jenna. But are you sure he hasn't changed his mind on that one already? And then changed it back. And so on, and so on?

7:58 AM  

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