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17 July 2008

Loose Fingers Sink (Access to) Bingers

So, how do I summarize this best for out of towners? Ok, some South Philly teens tend to be a bit rambunctious. You could even say delusional as to their lot in life.

Like Joseph Genovese Jr., for instance, who, after having run over two St. Louis women after a Cardinals/Phillies game a week or so back...

Police allege that Genovese hit Cindy Grassi, 43, and Sandra Wacker, 36, both of Missouri, when he ran a red light at Broad Street near Curtin while allegedly intoxicated. Police have declined to detail what substance they believe Genovese had consumed.

The women, in town to see their favorite team, the Cardinals, play the Phillies in an afternoon game on Thursday, were struck down while crossing the street. The two often took trips together to cities across the country to watch the Cardinals play, family members said.

... decided it'd be a good move to brag about his fast car, his access to weed and a purported need for speed on his MySpace page.

Genovese brags about how sexy he looks when he's high, and has posted pictures of himself smoking out of a bong.
"LOok AT ALL DATT WEeD!!!!" he wrote under one photo. "ahaha brought a POUNd just 2go 2pROM!!!!!!"
He also posted a picture of a sign, seen in many store windows throughout the city, that reads: "I proudly support the Philadelphia Police"
In the caption to that photo, Genovese writes that "i putt a dutch infront of the piggs posterr . . . "
A dutch, according to the Urban Dictionary, is a cigar wrapper that is typically used for rolling marijuana.
And, although he's been quoted on camera as saying that he's "not a drinker at all," there are at least nine photographs on his page in which he's pictured holding various types of alcohol.

Fast forward to this week, when Grassi died. (Wacker remains in the ICU.) Think Lil' Joey is still representin'?

According to one law enforcement source, Genovese was nowhere near as tough as he appears on his MySpace page when he turned himself in with his lawyer and family on Tuesday afternoon to AID.
The teen looked "pale-faced and kept throwing up," the source said.


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