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22 July 2008


I don't think I've ever parted with 99 cents quicker than I did after randomly hearing this song the other day. A dolla bill. Yes, much quicker. But not 99 cents. I had to go with a live version, a damn fine live version, but a live version nonetheless, because, oddly, a lot of the links aren't embeddable. Is somebody in Styx watching this closely? (Clearly, it's whoever decided that the crowd needed to religiously be kept back off the front of the stage. Probably washes his hands everytime he touches a door knob.) If so, is it paying off? I'd certainly hope so. Because you will either 1) clap your hands at that part of the chorus which calls for a double clap or 2) think vividly about doing so.

Me? Didn't clap out loud. Actually did a double drum on the new desk. Regardless, I hope the youtube-inbed monitoring has paid, and will continue to pay, off in spades.

Win some. Lose some. All the same to me.

Buh doop bah doop.


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