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19 July 2008

Back to the TV roots

We all have a few of those television moments that are indelibly etched into our brains when we're wee lads and lasses, and remain there forever. For me, it's the first time I saw David Byrne's shoulder pads, The Day After's melting cow and Gene Gene the Dancing Machine taking to The Gong Show stage.
Well, the Talking Heads are still here (at least on my iPod) and nuclear annihilation right around the corner, but Gene Gene (who sadly lost his legs to diabetes) was nowhere to be found when The Gong Show returned to TV the other night. What there was, however, was Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey ...

Not sure which was intoxicatingly creepier: Evil Monkey's face when Trixie Little stripped him down, or Andy Dick's pre-latest-mugshot face when he saw Evil Monkey's face when Trixie Little stripped him down.
I suspect my old pal Kenneth Keith Kallenbach would've probably made a run at the stage on this new show. But, sadly, Kenneth died in April. Here's the cause-of-death update from Saturday's Inquirer.

Yesterday's report indicated the manner of death to be "natural," brought on by cystic fibrosis with pneumonia and sepsis.
Kallenbach's family has alleged that he did not receive the proper medical treatment for his condition while in the county prison and that his health deteriorated dramatically.


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