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24 July 2008

(Nude) Guys and (Plastic) Dolls

As I prepare to watch the Phils game -- not to mention having to work later this afternoon and all day tomorrow -- here's a final post for the week. This one comes courtesy of a poll asking for neighborhood horror stories.

I'll let commenter "buca" take it from here...

My neighbors in a small philly rowhome next door like to sit naked in their hot tub....only, my 11 year old daughter's bedroom window is right next to it, and looks down on their entire yard. Two weeks ago they had about 10 adults for a naked hot tub party. :( They haven't been around for me to talk to them yet, but I was advised by police that this violates public decency laws. They know my daughter's room is right there. Their deck is about five feet from my daughter's window, too, adn I have caught her out there in the buff, in full view of the street, too. I told her to go inside and she did, with a sarcastic smile. They knowingly do this in full view of children. Other than that, they are very nice. It could be worse, but this must stop! (please hold leering comments, it's not funny really)

Oh, c'mon buca, it's a wee bit funny, no? Fine, maybe not. But an email I received from the Hon. Rev. E.B. Webb in the ATL this morning was.

To wit:

Last night, I found myself watching "Love Me, Love My Doll" on BBC America -- dudes and their Real Dolls. I thought it would be pretty funny. It was true train wreck TV, the kind I usually enjoy, but it was just a little too creepy, to the point where I couldn't sit through the whole thing.
Still ... "Every few years I attempt to date organic girls."
This one guy introduced his real-life girlfriend to three of his eight dolls on his birthday. Initially (and on camera) she tried to come off as accepting of his kink even though you could tell she was, understandably, REALLY freaked out. Voice over: one week later she called it off.
I still feel pretty disturbed by the whole thing, so I thought I'd share.
You're welcome.

Just remember, Rev.: It puts the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever It's told.


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