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10 June 2008

Viva Amsterdam!

One of the best things about having early June 2008 as your "time between jobs" is the fact that Euro 2008, the continental futbol championships, has two games an afternoon on the TV.
Which is right by the air conditioner.
Which is pretty close to the refrigerator.
Which was stocked with a case of Red Stripe about an hour ago.
Which wasn't easy to procure considering it was the first day of the past four that I spent more than 20 minutes outside in the blistering heat.

All of which is to say: All you sapsuckers who were caught up at "work" yesterday missed the Dutch side wholly decimate the reigning World Cup Champs It Lee. Final was 3-0. First goal was sketchy (though the governing body offered a fair explanation as to why Van Nistelrooy was onsides.) The other two finished 'em off, even though the Eye Talians got a fair number of good looks at the Holland net.

"We have to accept this loss and look ahead to our next two games," Italy coach Roberto Donadoni said. "That's the great thing about this (tournament). We face Romania right away and we need a win to restore our pride. We have to go out onto the field believing we can win."
The Italians may have had billboards saying "Spremuta d'Orange" -- freshly squeezed orange juice -- but it was a Dutch squeezing which left the Azzurri blue in the face.
It was Italy's worst defeat since Oct. 15, 1983, when the team lost to Sweden 3-0 in Naples in a European Championship qualifier. Italy's biggest loss at the final tournament came in the 1988 semifinals when the Soviet Union beat it 2-0.

The only downside: even these types of sporting events are interrupted by ignorance:

Four of the hooligans detained in Klagenfurt were still in custody Monday morning but two were released later in the day, local police said. Earlier, Kogler had identified all four as German nationals. About 140 people were detained in the southern city late Sunday for shouting Nazi-like slogans.

As I type (and you soon read), the Spanish are putting the finishing touches on the Russians (it's 3-0, I think) so I'm'a going to grill a couple hotdogs and settle in for Greece/Sweden.
Have fun at work.


Blogger Chrissy said...

dunno brian i got to watch both of those matches on espn classic at 5pm and am not one bit bothered by missing France / Romania yawn fest or Greece / Sweden

8:19 AM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

France/Romania was horrible (yet thankfully nap-inducing), but Sweden's win was a good match. (They're not all going to be classics.) The Czech Republic/Portugal game has some potential today. So does

-- Netherlands/France and Italy/Romania (Friday)

-- Sweden/Spain (Saturday)

-- Austria/Germany (Monday)

-- France/Italy (Tuesday) and

-- Greece/Spain (Wednesday).

9:05 AM  

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