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16 June 2008

Sports Quote of the Century

No, I'm not into golf. Never have been (but for one day out on a par 3 in Florence, SC and a media grand opening at some course off Route 9 between Sea Isle and Avalon; both stops proved I was better off on the tennis court.) Yet, I found myself captivated by the fourth round at the U.S. Open yesterday where everybody tried to hold Tiger Woods off and it worked to the point where he had one birdie putt left to tie things up and force a playoff with fan fav Rocco Mediate today. At noon. Which I'll hopefully catch some of since Tiger did as Tiger does, bum knee or not. (Photo from the L.A. Times)
In any event, after his Sunday round, Tiger did the press tent thang and was asked about what his final 12 footer looked like. The meed-gia person posited that it resembled a rather straight shot. But oh no, said Tiger. It remined him of something else:

"It was just like playing Plinko down there."

That's right, y'all. My man dusted off the old Plinko analogy to explain what it was like watching his putt bounce back and forth on an unpredictable line. Granted, it seemed a bit more like that game where the yodeler goes up the hill and, if the applicable Price is Right contestant guesses product prices in a faulty fashion, falls off the edge of a cliff with a sad, help-me yodel. (I believe it's called Cliffhanger.)

But I'll live. For any time Plinko gets some widespread respect, we're all a better people for it.


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