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11 June 2008

I don't know man, but this guy's a character

"My love for you is like a truck, Bear Zur Kuh."
Yes, this is the tune that popped up on the iPod dock during Wednesday-morning coffee making. And just like Snowball (aka Willem) says: It is beautiful, man.

As for the day in news, well, all I could find on a quick glimpse was old friend Kia Gregory putting the weekly sensibility to work and encamping at a North Philly air conditioning repair shop. Good slice-of-life work.

Yesterday, at Central Appliance on Ridge Avenue, White explains to Lefty:
"It wasn't blowing cool air like before." Even after she added two fans to her muggy room, "it wasn't enough. Even if you kept completely still."
To combat the thick heat, White, 32, and her two children have been getting wet in their inflatable pool out back, then going up to the bedroom to huddle in front of the ailing air conditioner.
White watches as Lefty, working with his left hand, bangs and unscrews, then pops the cover off her air conditioner. It's noon and way up in the 90s, and the 57-year-old repairman is wearing a damp rag on his head.
He checks the filter, and brushes out the dust with a small broom, as Teddy Pendergrass growls on the radio.
When it comes to fixing air conditioners, explains Lefty, who's been doing this "too long," sometimes it's just Freon. Sometimes the filter is dirty. Sometimes there's a hole in the line. Sometimes it's the compressor, and once that goes bad, the air conditioner is dead.
"Yesterday, I didn't get to eat lunch until 6 p.m.," Lefty says of the demand for his expertise.

Finally, let's be honest here: One Clerks (or Clerks II) clip alone isn't going to cut it on Heatwave Breaks Day, now, is it? So the Would You Rather Question becomes: Jay or Jame (aka Jamie Gumb, John Grant)?

(I'm still in the Jame camp, of course.)


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