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11 June 2008

Fire up the birthing assembly line! This here war machine needs more expendable ammo!

When you get done ruining the Democrats best shot to save this freaking country, you bitter, shameless "ladies," please be sure to start breeding heavily in order to feed the 100-Years-War machine your ignorance will fuel. Yes, people, this is the Web site of the National Organization of Ex-Hillary-Clinton Supporters for John McCain. My favorite comment from the roster of inadequate brain power:

The fact of the matter is that Obama is black militant muslim, and I just can't trust the office of commander in chief of the United States of America with a BLACK MILITANT MUSLIM.
I think we should impeach Obama as soon as possible.

This reminds me of that time I was playing kickball at the Strawbridge School playground and I wanted to pitch. But the mean kids wouldn't let me pitch. So I took my kickball and went home, thus ruining the game for everybody.
Oh wait, that never actually happened. Because I'm not a whiney little twit. But if it had happened (and believe me, it wouldn't), that's what the Hillary turned McCain peabrains would remind me of.


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